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Mount Desert Island, Maine – Frenchman Bay Nature Tour

During late spring my husband and I took a two-hour cruise of Frenchman Bay in Maine. The tour left from Bar Harbor on Mt Desert Island. First of all, we only saw a… Continue reading

Autumn Views

Fall views in and around Acadia National Forest in Mt Desert Island, Maine.

Maine Get Away

I am one of those people who loves snow. If it’s winter then I want to be buried in it. The more the merrier. I love the beauty of it. At the same… Continue reading

Mass Audubon Marshfield MA

I am not the type of person who likes to go for routine walks. However I love walking if it involves the beach or a beautiful natural environment. Last summer my daughter took… Continue reading

Bees to Honey

Vibrant Red Hibiscus

179/365 Ferns

173/365 One of My Mother’s Favorites, Purple Clematis

171/365 Mama’s Keeping A Close Eye


166/365 Ornamental Grass

164/365 Town Neck Beach Fishing at Dusk

151/365 Cape Cod Gardens Will Soon Be Blooming

149/365 Catmint

One of my favorite flowers and it thrives on Cape Cod.

148/365 Garlic Chive

Print available here…

134/365 Ornamental Grass

Print available for purchase here…

132/365 Mother Nature Can Be Astounding

Last nights sunset on Cape Cod.

126/365 Fishing in the Fog

116/365 In Full Bloom

114/365 Emergence

108/365 A Good Day of Fishing

105/365 Lilypads

100/365 Calla Lily

96/365 A Lacecap Flower, B&W Photography

84/365 Lavender Time

Streams of colour 
In constant motion 
showing shades of beauty hidden Powered by the wind 
As it caresses the river of scent 
Gently, softly, lovingly 
And moves through the rows 
Never stopping, always… Continue reading

27/365 Garden Boots

Have you ever seen a cuter use of garden boots?

16/365 Nature

The beauty of nature.

9/365 Bourne Massachusetts

https://www.etsy.com/listing/263096203/massachusetts-photography-bourne?ref=shop_home_active_20 A beautiful park located in Bourne Massachusetts.

8/365 A Fresh Fallen Snow

Nothing more beautiful than a fresh fallen snow!

A Flower A Day ~ Lavender – Day Four

Lavender Flower Believe it or not it has been so mild here in New England some of Lavender is still blooming. So so strange.

A Flower a Day ~ Purple Clematis ~ Day Three

Purple Clematis An early sign of spring a Clematis in vibrant purple.

A Flower a Day ~ Weeping Cherry ~ Day Two

Weeping Cherry Who knew that a Weeping Cherry depending upon the time of year could give two different looks of the same flower. Weeping Cherry

A Flower a Day ~ Peony ~ Day One

White Peony Flower When I see my Peony flowers start to bloom in spring I get so excited. I don’t think there is a more beautiful flower. Unfortunately they just don’t last long enough.

Autographs of Angels

They are autographs of angels, penned In Nature’s green-leaved book, in blended tints, Borrowed from rainbows and the sunset skies, And written everywhere–on plain and hill, In lonely dells, ‘mid crowded haunts of… Continue reading

Black and White Flower Photography

There is beauty in the simplicity of a white flower against a black background. They have an ethereal and luminescent quality. Flowers… a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all… Continue reading

An Amazing Sunset Over Cape Cod

There are some remarkable landscapes and scenic setting in and around Cape Cod. And although this was not a coastal view it is incredible. I caught the sun as it was setting over… Continue reading

Glowy and Ethereal Lavender

  Print available here… The softness of glowing and ethereal macro view of Lavender.    

In the Early Morning Light

Print available for purchase here… As I stood at my kitchen window the other morning I watched as the sun was slowly rising. It cast a gorgeous glow through the flowers as it… Continue reading

Boston Public Garden, Massachusetts

The Boston Public Garden really are a magical place especially on a beautiful sunny day. It is the perfect place for just slowly wandering, seeing gorgeous flower, swan boats filled with people and… Continue reading

Our New Little Tenant a Male House Sparrow

For Mother’s Day my son and his girlfriend Bri bought me a new birdhouse. They know how much I love birds. So we put our latest birdhouse on a tree that it right… Continue reading

A Pretty Peony

Of all flowers the Peony is my most favorite. I find it so sad that their season is short. If I could fill my garden with these flowers I would. I just think… Continue reading

Garden Adornments

I love little statues and things that you adorn your garden with. I got this quirk you might call it from my mother. Over the years I would see the unique things she… Continue reading

Unique Again This Year

  Okay so I might be driving you crazy with all these flowers photos. But I am a gardener at heart. I love every flower as it pops open. I am so taken… Continue reading

Although Small and Pretty They Are Invasive!

The first flower that blooms in my yard are these violets. They pop up just about everywhere. A word of warning which I myself should have heeded, these flowers are very invasive. If… Continue reading

In The End It Is Always Worth It

There are times in late winter and early spring when I think about the amount of preparation it is going to take to get at all my gardens up and running. Quite often… Continue reading

Female Duck

And sitting on my roof with the Mallard Duck from the previous post was this beautiful female duck. They both decided to hang out on and off for a couple of days.

Mallard Duck

A close-up view of a Mallard Duck. This bird was sitting on my roof with his mate resting for several days on and off. I think he was waiting for us to open… Continue reading

With Hopes of Summer to Follow

Although all the flowers are not yet in bloom the little glimpses of what is to come is beautiful. My Weeping Cherry tree was in full bloom this past week. It seems to… Continue reading

Heritage Museum & Gardens, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

There is a beautiful and magical place on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. It is called Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich. It is acres of magnificent nature trails just waiting to be explored… Continue reading

Gold Finch

Print available for purchase here I’m not quite sure what it is about birds but I am totally drawn to them. I have a bird feeder set up so I can watch them… Continue reading

15 Days and Counting until Spring!

The first day of spring is in 15 days! Woohoo! Can you believe it? Quite frankly I am a little skeptical. As I am writing this it is once again snowing here on… Continue reading