Mount Desert Island, Maine – Frenchman Bay Nature Tour

Egg Rock Lighthouse

During late spring my husband and I took a two-hour cruise of Frenchman Bay in Maine. The tour left from Bar Harbor on Mt Desert Island. First of all, we only saw a small portion of the Bay. We were quite surprised at how large it was.

Seals sunning themselves on the rocks.

We toured around the many islands and also ventured out further to Egg Rock Lighthouse an island which was mainly rock jutting out of the water. Although for the most part the skies were overcast, while we were by the lighthouse the sun was shining brightly. Lucky for us and as a result the seals were sunning themselves on the rocks. I have never seen so many seals up close. Many had just had their pups who were also resting or testing their skills at swimming. Because of the baby seals there were two juvenile Eagles hanging around waiting for an unguarded moment when Mama seals were not near their babies. Fortunately for us we didn’t witness any barbaric attacks. The island was covered in seagulls too.

Bald Eagle soaring above and keeping an eye on us.

Once we left the Lighthouse, we traveled near some of the many islands just off the coast of Bar Harbor. Fortunately for us we saw two bald eagles. One was perched in its nest guarding the babies while the other circled above watching out for threats. The Eagles’ nest was huge and the Mama Eagle kept a warry eye on us as we cruised by.

Mama Eagle watching over the nest.

We were also fortunate enough to pass a Heron and even saw a porpoise pop out of the water. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough with my camera to catch a picture.

I highly recommend the cruise if you head to northeast Maine. It was informative and very interesting. A great way to spend several hours when the weather is somewhat decent. But dress warm. Although it was in the 60s out on the water it was quite frigid and breezy. Thank goodness I had the foresight to wear my long, down winter coat which kept me toasty warm.