In The End It Is Always Worth It

HUMMINGBIRD Print available for purchase here...

HUMMINGBIRD Print available for purchase here… 

There are times in late winter and early spring when I think about the amount of preparation it is going to take to get at all my gardens up and running. Quite often just the thought of it is so overwhelming I think about having a bobcat come in, dig up the gardens and then just plant grass. My husband and son knew this so for the past several springs my son will come over and spend a full day cleaning out the leaves, cutting things back and edging the beds. What a huge relief it is to me to have him do that! It is back breaking work for the young let alone someone my age.


Then my husband and I will spread mulch in all the beds. We used to be able to do it in a day. Now there are so many flowerbeds and our stamina is not what it used to be that it takes us two weekends! But we persevere. This year we spread six yards of mulch and were both crippled afterwards. What a sense of relief to get that out of the way!


But when all is said and done and I am sitting in my backyard with coffee on a nice sunny morning I get such joy just looking at the gardens and flowers! Each morning I will walk around and pull some weeds, check to see what new plant has burst forth and those that have started to bloom! That is when I remember why I love my gardens so!