In Memory of Dot (My Mother) 1926 – 2015

Drinking a scorpion bowl with my husband.

Drinking a scorpion bowl with my husband.

My mother passed on Saturday February 7th after suffering a stroke four days earlier on Tuesday. Over the past several days I have been fortunate to have received condolences from so many people who knew her. Some had only met her in passing while others knew her very well. It struck me that everyone felt a little differently about Mom all in a favorable way. It appears that Mom was like a chameleon and was able to morph into someone that each person needed to meet at a particular time in his or her lives. Some said she was sweet. I would never have said that my Mom was sweet. My mother could be nice but sweet I would reserve for one of her sisters. It actually made me laugh to read that and I think Mom would have laughed too. That was a definite quality she had, the ability to know who she was, not take herself too seriously and easily laugh at herself.


What impressed me in reading these messages was the impression she made on my daughter and all my nieces. The female side of the legacy she left behind. They all saw Mom as strong, independent, brilliant, determined, vibrant, and totally engaged in life. What a favorable impression to leave on young women today! Up until the day she passed she ate very healthy, lifted little hand weights, took walks, attempted to do yoga (the best she could), was a computer addict and always kept up on the latest news, world events, creations, everything and anything.


My mother grew up during the depression. She graduated high school at 16 and immediately went to nursing school to become an RN. She worked over the years in many capacities as a nurse. At one time she was one of Rose Kennedy’s private nurses. She worked as a head nurse on a suicide ward at McLean Hospital in Belmont MA and countless other jobs that were nonetheless impressive.


She had six children. Divorced my father when she was 50 yet loved him until the day he died. She stood by her mother’s side as she passed from cancer. Was tortured by the untimely death of her younger sister. Survived the passing of my oldest brother. And then lost her oldest sister leaving my Mom as the last in her family to be alive.


Mom had six children, 21 grandchildren, great-grandchildren and even a great-great grandchild with one more on the way.


This is how I would best describe my mother: brilliant, learned, independent, strong, compassionate, cranky sometimes, involved, creative, an avid gardener and very, very vital! She was an impressive lady and if nothing else will be remembered favorably by all who met her.


Cheers to a most incredible woman!

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