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A Mix of Old and New for a Perfect Result

The story behind this still life image is you can mix old and new for a perfect result. My mother, my Aunt Stelle (Mom’s sister) and my Grammy Chaulk were all amazing bakers… Continue reading

Heber & Caroline a love story. Letter two written February 17th, 1924

When our mother passed away I was going through her things and found a stack of letters written by my maternal grandfather Heber to my maternal grandmother Caroline (aka Carrie). The letters cover… Continue reading

In Memory of Dot (My Mother) 1926 – 2015

My mother passed on Saturday February 7th after suffering a stroke four days earlier on Tuesday. Over the past several days I have been fortunate to have received condolences from so many people… Continue reading

The Adventures of Emma and Morgan

The relationship between my two granddaughters Emma and Morgan continues to grow. It’s obvious that the girls love to spend time together. It’s been so fun to watch them develop from babies to… Continue reading

A Full Belly Laugh

I have been chronicling both my granddaughters’ development over the past year and a half. It always strikes me how quickly they change when I notice a new and sometimes small milestone. I… Continue reading

Come on Everyone Let’s Sing

One thing my granddaughter Emma doesn’t lack is personality. She just oozes it! She draws attention to herself effortlessly. Or there are times when she doesn’t have enough attention and goes out of… Continue reading

That’s My Ball!

Our granddaughter Emma came to spend a weekend with us several weeks ago. Of course we always have to give her some kind of little treat. So this particular time we bought her… Continue reading