One Thing I Have Never Regretted


One thing I have never regretted is rescuing dogs. Our first rescue was a Pug named Virgil. He was six years old when we rescued him. He was covered in mange and half of his hair was missing. His nails were so unbelievably long. It took weeks of going to the vet and having them trim them back a little each time to get them to an acceptable length. Eventually his hair grew back, his skin cleared up and he gained some weight. He was such an awesome dog and set the bar high for our future rescues. Virgil lived for about five years after we brought him home before he passed. We gave him the best life we could!

After Virgil came Coco. She was a puppy we rescued from St. Martin. She had been found with her mother in an alley by Dorette at Dorette caught both Coco and her mother Mellie and brought them back to the rescue. While on vacation me and my husband visited the rescue. We both fell in love with Mellie. She had an eye that was badly infected and which was scheduled to have removed. For that reason we were not able to bring her back with us. Instead we saw an adorable little puppy which unbeknownst to us turned out to be Mellie’s pup. What a coincidence. So we brought Coco back instead. She adapted well and thrived. However we never forgot Mellie. My husband continued to follow her progress online. Eventually (after a hurricane and plane extraction from the Island) we eventually flew to Tennessee to get Mellie and drive her the fourteen hours home.

Mellie is forever thankful and appreciative. She is so affectionate towards us. She can’t snuggle or give enough attention. In return we have thoroughly spoiled her and Coco. It is so gratifying to see them romp around the house and in the yard. They are so happy. We have started taking them with us wherever we may travel. They always love visiting new places to explore.

There have been challenges which we have learned to adapt to. In general they don’t like men and are leery of all strangers. They are protective of their home and owners. But we have managed to adapt our lives to deal with their little quirks. Regardless of this it is satisfying for us to know we are providing them a safe and loving home. I encourage everyone to rescue an animal. But also be prepared for the responsibility that goes along with it. The rewards far outweigh the challenges and you will be paid back daily with their love and affection. They are always a happy distraction even on the worst of days!