A Christmastime Visit to Boston


On Friday afternoon my husband and I headed into Boston to see a show and spend the night. Boston is about an hours drive from our home on Cape Cod so we figured why not stay in town. Our hotel was a wonderful boutique hotel called the Ames Boston Hotel right by Faneuil Hall. I splurged and we rented a suite. Two people could have easily fit into the bathtub. A king size bed was decked out with the finest of linens. I have to say I slept so sound that night which is highly unusual for me in a hotel. It was so quiet I didn’t hear anything else all night.


We went to see Blue Man Group. My daughter had bought us the tickets some time before and we decided it was the perfect time to go. What a unique and incredible experience.


The hotel was approximately one mile from the theatre so we decided we would walk. We strolled through Boston Commons and saw all the brave souls ice skating in the below 30 temps. It was so exhilarating to be walking through the city at night. Yes it was cold but we were enjoying ourselves so much we didn’t even notice.


After the show we walked back and by our hotel right over to Faneuil Hall. What a treat for us as the whole area was decorated for Christmas. I have included some pictures for you here.


We finished our evening with an appetizer and some drinks at one of the restaurants in Faneuil Hall. We listened to Jazz music and sipped Martinis. Then it was off to bed for the two of us.


The next morning we were up, out and once again walking around the city. It being the Saturday after Thanksgiving it seemed as though no one had remained in town. The city was deserted. What a wonderful experience for us to walk the streets with almost no one around. After about an hour walking in 26-degree temps we decided it was time to pack up and head back to Cape Cod.


I will say it was certainly a wonderful mini-trip and one I won’t soon forget.