There are times when traditions are very important to me especially when it involves family. One tradition my daughter and I have had for years is our annual Christmas Cookie Bake. We get together one day between Thanksgiving and Christmas to spend hours making all kinds of different cookies. Some we give away and the rest we keep for our own families to enjoy. Now that I have granddaughters it is important to me that they are involved too! Unfortunately Morgan was not able to participate this year although she did spend the prior night at Nana and Papa’s with her cousin Emma.

This year my daughter Allison and I were joined by her daughter Emma. I can tell you Emma loves to bake, especially when it comes to measuring, putting ingredients in the bowl and best of all licking the beaters! Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think!


A family tradition, Almond Spritz Cookies


My granddaughter Emma


Emma and her Mom (my daughter) Allison




Emma’s new little brother Bryce


Just a little Xmas treat