Worse Off Than I Thought!

Well today was the day I was supposed to pick up my MacBook from the repair shop. When I called to see if it was ready I was told after looking it over my computer had more problems than they thought. So they are shipping it off to Apple to be fixed. Unfortunately it won’t be back until next Wednesday at the earliest. Fortunately I have my 3 year warranty. Cross your fingers everything is covered.

I have to say I’m going into withdrawal without it. First of all I miss editing photos and I have so many to do. Second my hubby’s computer although thank god for the use of it, is just not the same as my MAC. Wow who knew what a difference there was in display! You get totally spoiled when you have a MAC. I think I assume everyone has as bright and clear a picture as I do. But let me tell you their is a major difference in computers! Well I will keep plugging away for a while longer.

Enjoy your weekend! ~ Liz