I’m so Happy


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I’m very pleased. I dropped my MAC laptop off to be serviced today. They ran a diagnostic and it doesn’t appear that the hard drive has failed. Not exactly sure what is going on but it seems the repairs should be covered by the extended warranty I purchased. Thank goodness for that. Who knows how much this repair would have run me. I’ve relied on this warranty before and had a prior minor issue covered. So glad I paid the money to buy it. Considering my laptop is just over two years old I’m actually surprised I’ve had to use it. My computer being a MAC I thought it would last longer. Thank goodness I back up all my work and programs on two different external hard drives. I alternate backing up to each one just in case one of those fail. You never know. The service tech said it should only take 1-3 business days to fix my computer depending on the problem. However if they have to send out for a part it could be longer. Regardless I had assumed they would be mailing my laptop back to Apple for repairs so I was just as glad it was staying in the store.

In the interim I have been using my hubby’s Dell laptop. Thank goodness I have something but I have to say it is no equal to my MAC. I can’t even begin to tell you how dark and dull the display is in comparison. I can now understand why when I edit my photos someone may look at them and not see the same image I am looking at. So in essence I guess all in all I love my MAC. Nothing compares. But one word of advice… spend the extra money and buy the extended 3 year warranty if thinking of buying one!