Puggy Wuggy


Quite often I post pictures of my yellow lab Brady. I don’t post a lot of photos of our pug Virgil.  He is now 7 ½ years old and we rescued him when he was 6. When we got him I must admit I knew nothing about Pugs. Previously I had no desire to own a Pug. They never really appealed to me. I wouldn’t have looked at one twice. But one-day hubby and I took our yellow lab to a “Dog Fair”. It was a gathering of dogs with all kinds of events for them. As we were walking around the fair we passed the “Pug Rescue” tent and happened to see a woman we know who was running it. While my husband talked to her I walked over to the little coral and saw a group of pugs needing adoption. All the pugs came running over, jumping up wanting to be noticed, all except for Virgil. He sat on the opposite side, quite, withdrawn, covered in eczema and just looking pathetic. He of course was the one I was drawn to. I started talking to the young man there who said he was a sweetheart. I picked him up. A lot of his hair was missing from the eczema, which was caused by anxiety. His nails had not been clipped in god knows how long and he was thin and scrawny. He needed a bath desperately. But he cuddled me. That was it. My mind was made up I was bringing him home. My hubby was furious. He wanted nothing to do with him. He thought it was the worst decision I could have made. Oh well my mind was made up and he was coming home! Fast-forward a year and a half later. Virgil and my husband and my lab are all exceedingly attached. Virgil no longer has eczema. The anxiety is gone from his life. His nails are trimmed on a regular basis. He has gained weight and looks healthy. His fur is thick and plush. He talks. He cuddles. He loves. He is the best decision I ever made. I love my puggy wuggy and I’m so glad I brought him home!


Labs vs Pug they go to their own kind

My yellow lab Brady on the hunt

Amazing how tolerant pets can be