Wordless Wednesdays 5/30/12 – Our Yard is Ready!

View of back yard from back deck!
When I say I am relieved once our gardens are all set for the season you will see why. It takes a tremendous amount of work to get our yard ready for the summer. We have no professional help and it easily takes us six weeks to get this yard up and completely set for the season. But once it is done it is remarkable! Who says you have to be on the water on Cape Cod to have a bit of Paradise? We have it right here!
Back deck
Although rustic I made this fire pit myself & we have enjoyed many a night around it!
Dot – my Mom – in the garden (86 yrs old). Pretty remarkable huh?
Hubby planting his vegetable garden
Hubby laying out his garden
Fruits of his labor!
Front gardens (none of which were professionally done)!
Big Blue Gorgeous Hydrangeas
Clematis, Climbing Rose, Peony, Iris, Daisies
Tah dah – that’s all folks!