129/365 Fifteen Months and What Have I Learned


It’s been fifteen months since you passed away Mom and what have I learned?

  • I know that I think of you many times a day.
  • I know there are many reminders of you around the house and yard and much of it gives me great comfort.
  • I know that I have a greater appreciation of your vast knowledge and brilliance on every subject.
  • I know that I love your quirkiness and eccentricity that made the kids cringe and laugh and would make me chuckle!
  • I know I miss having you around to take care of me when I was sick as though I was a little kid once again. We all need our Mommy!
  • I know I miss our martini lunches when I would learn things about you and your youth that I had never heard before!
  • I know I miss your cooking meals that I know how to cook but just don’t taste the same.
  • I know I miss your unique “Chaulk” laugh.
  • I know I am proud when my husband or children say I am just like my mother!
  • I know your creativity rubbed off on all us kids!
  • I know you left a lasting impression on everyone you met!
  • I know that with the passing of time I miss you more and more and that the pain doesn’t get any less.
  • And I know I love you very much! Happy Mothers Day!