Looking Back at the past week…

1) I wish I had….. not eaten that decadent Bailey’s Fudge cake. Ugh!!!
2) I made….. no dinners during the past seven days! Woo hoo! Yippee! 

3) My dogs….. were my protectors during my husbands absence!
4) I’m grateful….. for my husbands safe return.

5) To relax….. I curled up on the couch in front of the wood stove.

6) My husband….. was gone for five days. 

7) I was happy….. to spend time with some close friends.
8) I have a feeling of accomplishment….. that I humped firewood and made all the fires in the woodstove during the week.

9) I spent too much….. time on my computer my eyes were all blurry.
10) I took time to….. spend with my Mom.
And I look forward to….. an additional day off.

I know I have been posting many pictures of roses lately but the bouquet I bought my mother for Valentines Day has opened slowly and the blossoms have been unbelievable. What I have found so amazingly intriguing is the way the light reflects and beams on and through all the petals. In every single picture the flowers are totally different yet absolutely beautiful. If you’re not a “flower” person you probably won’t appreciate this but I for one certainly do! I hope you have enjoyed them!