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The Year That Went to the Dogs

Where has this year gone? The months have flown by and it seems like 2017 just began. It has been a blur. Why? Our lives became consumed by dogs. How did this happen?… Continue reading

Mom Let Me In It’s Cold Out Here!


Dog, Snow and Ball = Happiness

    My dog loves nothing more than the snow and chasing a ball. You can see in these photos his absolute joy and happiness.  

One Spoiled Dog

You cannot come into our home and not expect to be covered in yellow dog fur by the time you leave. Our dog Brady is so spoiled that there are times I think… Continue reading

115/365 Sun on My Face, Breeze in My Ears

99/365 Just Taking a Little Snooze

77/365 Brady

Thorns may hurt you, men desert you, sunlight turn to fog; but you’re never friendless ever, if you have a dog. ~ Douglas Mallock

Such Love and Adoration

A little over eight years ago we had a dog named Alex. He was part yellow lab, part golden retriever. A gentle giant he weighed in at approximately 125 lbs. He was a… Continue reading

Just Another Lazy Day

Today it was cold, rainy, and just plain yucky! It was a perfect day for hubby and me, and the dogs to hang inside and just take it easy. While hubby and I… Continue reading

I Wonder What Goes Through Their Minds

Don’t you sometimes wonder what is going through little kids heads? Well in this instance I can tell you exactly what was happening. My granddaughter Morgan was over for a visit. While in… Continue reading