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40/365 Cape Cod Wonderland

Need I say more…  

A Winter Wonderland

Just had to share some images from the recent snowstorm. And although it was a very wet, heavy snow that brought down a lot of tree branches, it was beautiful!

Beauty in the Snow and Fog

I took each of these photos from my car as hubby and I were driving home from Maine. We had just had a snowfall that morning with about four inches of snow on… Continue reading

A Final Look, Temperatures are starting to Warm

Ironically this past weekend we received 16″ of snow on top of what was already on the ground. It had been a balmy 23 degrees. Now they predict by the end of this… Continue reading

More of Nature’s Beauty

Well if you can’t fight it you may as well embrace it! That is how I feel about these relentless snowstorms we have been having weekly since December. One of the snowiest winters… Continue reading

The Beauty of a Fresh Fallen Snow

I grew up in Canada. And when I say I am one of those people that loves the snow, that is an understatement. There is so much to do in winter. So many… Continue reading