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Baseball Season is Here

There is something iconic about baseball and summer. They just go hand in hand. What is fantastic is the gathering together of young boys and girls to learn how to play. T-Ball their… Continue reading

Puggy The Prince

Enjoying his creature comforts in the heat of the day!

190/365 Diving Platform

187/365 An Alternative Mode of Summer Travel

186/365 Lazy Days of Summer

184/365 Summertime And The Living Is Easy

130/365 Hopefully It Will Be Here Soon

65/365 The Red Bike

The red bike that was all mine I got at Christmas when I was nine Though bigger than me I learn to ride As my little brother rode along at my side. To… Continue reading

61/365 Windowboxes

Here is a clever combination of plants and flowers for a window box. I love original ideas!

58/365 Just Kick Off Your Flip Flops

On a hot summer day just kick off your flip-flops and twirl in the grass on the waters edge.

The Simple Things In Life

Does anything scream more summer than clothes hanging on a line to dry? Ah the simple things in life!

With Hopes of Summer to Follow

Although all the flowers are not yet in bloom the little glimpses of what is to come is beautiful. My Weeping Cherry tree was in full bloom this past week. It seems to… Continue reading

Summer with the Girls

I love summertime. Beyond the obvious reasons of beautiful weather it gives hubby and I more time to spend with family, in particular our granddaughters. As a parent you are so distracted with… Continue reading

Final Memories of Summer

The final days of summer! IF YOU LIKE THIS… THEN YOU’LL LOVE THIS…

The Last Moments of Summer