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Will Spring Ever Come?

Winter just won’t go away! We had our second Nor’easter here in Massachusetts with a third due to hit us next Monday. Last night we changed the clocks and today the sun is… Continue reading

Enthralling Spring

  What is it about spring that so many of us find enthralling? Is it the promise of things yet to come? The warmth of summer and sun filled days. Or is it… Continue reading

Spring Fever

When the warmth creeps in on a weekend day everyone flocks to the beach. The temps may only be in the 50s or 60s but with the sun shining bright spring fever sets… Continue reading

128/365 Autumn Color in Spring

116/365 In Full Bloom

114/365 Emergence

81/365 Success

Success! One week ago yesterday I cut some bare Forsythia branches, brought them in the house and put them in water. In six days the branches started to bloom and within seven they… Continue reading

65/365 The Red Bike

The red bike that was all mine I got at Christmas when I was nine Though bigger than me I learn to ride As my little brother rode along at my side. To… Continue reading

61/365 Windowboxes

Here is a clever combination of plants and flowers for a window box. I love original ideas!

56/365 Tulips

Tulips one of the first signs that spring is coming. And I am counting the days.

33/365 A Taste of Spring

With all these warm temperatures I am feeling like spring is right around the corner!

A Flower a Day ~ Purple Clematis ~ Day Three

Purple Clematis An early sign of spring a Clematis in vibrant purple.

A Flower a Day ~ Weeping Cherry ~ Day Two

Weeping Cherry Who knew that a Weeping Cherry depending upon the time of year could give two different looks of the same flower. Weeping Cherry

A Flower a Day ~ Peony ~ Day One

White Peony Flower When I see my Peony flowers start to bloom in spring I get so excited. I don’t think there is a more beautiful flower. Unfortunately they just don’t last long enough.

A Pretty Peony

Of all flowers the Peony is my most favorite. I find it so sad that their season is short. If I could fill my garden with these flowers I would. I just think… Continue reading

Unique Again This Year

  Okay so I might be driving you crazy with all these flowers photos. But I am a gardener at heart. I love every flower as it pops open. I am so taken… Continue reading

In The End It Is Always Worth It

There are times in late winter and early spring when I think about the amount of preparation it is going to take to get at all my gardens up and running. Quite often… Continue reading

Truly Awe Inspiring

I just love this time of year. As each flower newly blooms I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I look at them with complete awe. You would think I had never… Continue reading

The Lilac’s on the Verge of Blooming

I think just one more sunny day and the Lilac’s may fully bloom. It’s still been cool here on Cape Cod and things are very slow to open up. I feel as though… Continue reading

With Hopes of Summer to Follow

Although all the flowers are not yet in bloom the little glimpses of what is to come is beautiful. My Weeping Cherry tree was in full bloom this past week. It seems to… Continue reading


15 Days and Counting until Spring!

The first day of spring is in 15 days! Woohoo! Can you believe it? Quite frankly I am a little skeptical. As I am writing this it is once again snowing here on… Continue reading

Spring is just around the corner – I hope!

Currently we have approximately two feet of snow on the ground with another blizzard due to hit us this coming Saturday night. They expect this next storm will dump another 12+ inches on… Continue reading

Which Do You Prefer?


A Smorgasbord of Color


A Sign of Spring

It is flowering Crabapple season here in the Northeast. Actually it’s almost gone by. This and a Bradford Pear tree are two of my most favorite flowering trees. I just love them. The… Continue reading

More Beautiful Weeping Cherry

First Sign of Spring a Lilac Bud


A Reminder of Spring

  Just a splash of color and a reminder that yes spring really is just around the corner. Let’s hope!  

What Is Yet To Come

We are still digging out from the blizzard this past weekend, which dumped well over a foot of snow on the area. Some lucky towns got upwards of 30 inches of snow! It… Continue reading