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Where I May See Beauty Others Cringe

I realize that while I may love, love, love the snow and cold others may cringe. As a child I grew up in Canada where in the winter we would be buried in… Continue reading

Maine Get Away

I am one of those people who loves snow. If it’s winter then I want to be buried in it. The more the merrier. I love the beauty of it. At the same… Continue reading

Winter Rose of Sharon

Although the snow blankets everything you still see the beauty in the winter landscape.

Everything Looks Prettier in the Snow

Bryce Enjoying the Snow

Our grandson Bryce enjoying a snowstorm in Maine. But in all his excitement he starts to lose his hat. No worries, Dad to the rescue.  

Fryeburg Maine

All the reasons why I love Maine!

43/365 My Backyard

Here is what my backyard looked like during the last snowstorm. The pool looks like a pond. It was picture perfect. And yes that is a greenhouse.

A Winter Wonderland

Just had to share some images from the recent snowstorm. And although it was a very wet, heavy snow that brought down a lot of tree branches, it was beautiful!

30/365 Buried In Snow

One week ago today we got buried in 15″ of snow. And now the temps will be reaching the 50s this week. How messed up is this winter?


8/365 A Fresh Fallen Snow

Nothing more beautiful than a fresh fallen snow!

6/365 Winter Has Arrived on Cape Cod

The snow finally arrived on Cape Cod!

15 Days and Counting until Spring!

The first day of spring is in 15 days! Woohoo! Can you believe it? Quite frankly I am a little skeptical. As I am writing this it is once again snowing here on… Continue reading

A Blizzard Falls on Brewster Gardens

You have to admit that when the snow is falling and you don’t have to drive anywhere that it’s absolutely beautiful. These photos were taken the night of Valentine’s 2015. We had another… Continue reading

Spring is just around the corner – I hope!

Currently we have approximately two feet of snow on the ground with another blizzard due to hit us this coming Saturday night. They expect this next storm will dump another 12+ inches on… Continue reading

Rain, Snow, or Shine they come to Eat!

Can you tell my mother puts a lot of bird food out? I have never seen fatter birds than the ones that hang around our feeder. It is strategically placed right outside my… Continue reading

Beauty in the Snow and Fog

I took each of these photos from my car as hubby and I were driving home from Maine. We had just had a snowfall that morning with about four inches of snow on… Continue reading

Bridgton, Denmark and Naples Maine in Winter

Over New Years hubby and I went to Maine with our daughter Allison, our grandchildren and Allison’s friend Lauren. One of the things I love about Maine is I can totally decompress and… Continue reading

I’m Back After a Little Convalescing

Paris Maine last February Well it’s been just about three weeks from my last post. During that time I had a viral infection for 10 days of which I ran a temp of… Continue reading

We Headed North to the Snow!

While most people I know are trying to get away from the snow at this time of year, Hubby and I have deliberately gone to it. We have been vacationing for the past… Continue reading

Enough Already!

Even my little mermaid has had enough of this snow. Will spring ever arrive? Should be in the 40s this time of year but it’s only in the 20s!

A Final Look, Temperatures are starting to Warm

Ironically this past weekend we received 16″ of snow on top of what was already on the ground. It had been a balmy 23 degrees. Now they predict by the end of this… Continue reading

More of Nature’s Beauty

Well if you can’t fight it you may as well embrace it! That is how I feel about these relentless snowstorms we have been having weekly since December. One of the snowiest winters… Continue reading

A Raging Snowstorm

I always feel so fortunate to live within a very short distance of the ocean. I never take it for granted. Hubby and I go to the beach mostly in the off-season to… Continue reading

The Advantages of Snowshoeing

There are advantages to snowshoeing. Not only is it an incredible work out it takes you to places you would otherwise not likely see in the midst of winter. There is such beauty… Continue reading

The Beauty of a Fresh Fallen Snow

I grew up in Canada. And when I say I am one of those people that loves the snow, that is an understatement. There is so much to do in winter. So many… Continue reading

First Blizzard of 2014 hits Cape Cod

Well we got our first blizzard of the season here on Cape Cod. Overnight over a foot of snow fell and the winds were sustained over 35 mph for a number of hours.… Continue reading

Fryeburg Maine a Winter Wonderland

It’s so hard to describe this scene as it unfolded. We were driving down a side road and as we came around a bend, then crossed a river, slowly the mountains rose on… Continue reading

Winter at the Brewster Gardens in Plymouth

Sometimes you come upon a view and it just seems as though it was taken out of a storybook. This was one of those times. The moment was perfect. It was snowing lightly… Continue reading

A Light Snow Drifts Slowly Down

A light snow slowly drifts down to blanket a river in white. A beautiful and perfect winter day in Maine.

A Snowy Field

A walk through this snowy field is proof enough that there is a winter wonderland.  

Silent, soft and slow descends the Snow

And in the woods there stood two lonely desolate cabins blanketed in a layer of fresh fallen snow! The pines cast deep shadows across the vast white expanse of field. In the distance… Continue reading

More Snow But Only In Pics

These pics are from the last snowstorm we had several weeks ago. I know it’s close to spring now (thank goodness) but I just love the color in these images and so had… Continue reading


While in Maine a number of weekends ago my daughter took my hubby, our son and me hiking/climbing up this huge rock.  In one of the pictures you can tell how far up… Continue reading

Our Word View – Word of the Week = JAZZY


Could It Be The Final Snowstorm of the Season

Winter is slowly coming to an end. I think! In fact here in Massachusetts at this moment we are once again experiencing another two day Nor’easter. Parts of the state will be receiving… Continue reading

Snow and Water

I love the contrast between crisp white snow against the darkness of cold, winter water.

A Winter Wonderland, Bridgton Maine

Heaven’s Gate in a Winter Wood

Our Word View – Word of the Week = STORM

I have a plethora of storm pictures to pick from as we have had three snowstorms within the past seven days. Each storm has had measurable snow of five, six and 12+ inches.… Continue reading

Cape Cod Doesn’t Get Snow

Last weekend we got over a foot of snow. This morning I woke up to five more inches of snow on the ground when they predicted a dusting. They are now talking about… Continue reading

Blizzard Images

One Image Processed Seven Ways

Here is one image processed seven different ways. The first photo is my favorite. The final photo is the original, untouched picture. Which of the images do you prefer? My favorite is the… Continue reading