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Old San Juan Puerto Rico a Visual Treat

If you’ve never been to Old San Juan in Puerto Rico you are in for a visual treat. The rainbow of colors of the houses is fantastic. So bright and cheery everywhere you… Continue reading

Fishing Caribbean Style

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

The wooden shack is the restaurant! Don’t judge a book by its cover! Fortunately before my husband and I came down to Puerto Rico he did a lot of reading on Trip Advisor… Continue reading

A Little Wave Action

I took these pictures from the 9th story balcony of the condo we were staying in. I used my little “Canon Power Shot” and the zoom surprised me with how close and clear… Continue reading

This Is How Life Is Meant To Be Lived

Just Enjoying the Day…Man!

Pigeons Flock the Park


Playing In The Park


My Hubby’s Vice or Maybe It Was Mine

My hubby has one bad vice.  Well actually I’m sure I could name more but this is the one that jumps out at me, cigars. He loves his Cigars. He is a connoisseur… Continue reading

No No No He’ll Eat Me!

Who Burns in the Shade in Puerto Rico?

Who burns in the shade? Not my Italian Portuguese husband! He just has to step into a sunbeam and he is tanned a dark brown. Nope it’s me. I come to a Caribbean… Continue reading

Puerto Rico at Sunset