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I Couldn’t Resist

Time with the grandkids is always the most important time for me. Nothing is so precious as the memories they create!

Today I Turn 55!

Today is my 55th birthday, which we celebrated yesterday. It could not have been a more perfect day. I spent time with my hubby, son, daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren.Hubby made dinner and… Continue reading

Emma and Bryce

Every now and then I have to throw a couple updated photos of the grandkids in there. Emma and Bryce.


There are times when traditions are very important to me especially when it involves family. One tradition my daughter and I have had for years is our annual Christmas Cookie Bake. We get… Continue reading

Welcome Bryce Christopher

And we finally met the new member of our family, our grandson Bryce Christopher! \

What Can I Get Into Next?

You ever watch a child’s face and you can just see the little wheels spinning in their heads. I can tell Emma’s thinking “What can I get into next?” Then it dawns on… Continue reading

Let Sleeping Angels Lie

What can I say? She looks like an absolute angel while asleep. Emma our granddaughter.

Just Another Glimpse

Another glimpse of the special moments that my husband and I get to spend with our granddaughters. This was taken several weeks ago while we were at the beach. Papa was carrying Emma… Continue reading

Papa and Emma Enjoy each other’s company

I love to watch the very special relationship that is developing between my husband aka Papa and our granddaughter Emma. They both love spending time with one another. It is a time in… Continue reading

Summer with the Girls

I love summertime. Beyond the obvious reasons of beautiful weather it gives hubby and I more time to spend with family, in particular our granddaughters. As a parent you are so distracted with… Continue reading

Papa Spends Time With Emma