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185/365 Teaching Little Brother How To Hang From The Railing

122/365 Someone’s Not Happy

66/365 The Grandkids Visit

Every now and then we have the grandkids overnight. And while a large amount of time may not go by in between sleepovers it is amazing that when they are so young the… Continue reading

5/365 My Grandson Bryce

Today I had to make it two images. Look how big my grandson Bryce is getting. So adorable!

Another Christmas Come and Gone

Another Christmas has come and gone. Months of hustle and bustle then it’s all over in the blink of an eye. This year we did things a little different and it was nice.… Continue reading

I Couldn’t Resist

Time with the grandkids is always the most important time for me. Nothing is so precious as the memories they create!

What Were They Thinking

You have to wonder sometimes what is going through their minds!

If Only Dressing Barbie Was The World’s Biggest Concern

Since last Friday the news has been full of story upon story of bombings, attempted bombings and death. Day after day it is some new horrible tragedy or attempt at one. I came… Continue reading

A Wonderful Mother’s Day with Family

  This year on Mother’s Day my daughter Allison and her husband Chris hosted brunch. My granddaughter Emma and grandson Bryce were all dressed up for the occasion. It was a wonderful day… Continue reading

It’s Been A While

Can you believe I haven’t posted any photos of my grandchildren since around the holidays? I can’t! But there’s been so much going on I kind of put my photo taking on the… Continue reading

I’m Back After a Little Convalescing

Paris Maine last February Well it’s been just about three weeks from my last post. During that time I had a viral infection for 10 days of which I ran a temp of… Continue reading

Blessed with Another Memorable Christmas!

Emma, my granddaughter. My daughter Allison and son-in-law Chris’ daughter. I almost don’t want to say this because I’m afraid I will jinx myself but I feel so blessed to have had another… Continue reading

The Ideal Life in Maine

Allison and friends go for a walk The Swamp Monster Harry Hummingbird Feeder All that fresh air wipes them out. A field of dandelions The Martin Residence

Let Sleeping Babies Lie

A day with family!


Another Little Indulgence – Morgan