32/365 Learning to Read

Reading his first book.

31/365 A Look Back in Time

I’m back to working on some still life photos. It’s been quite a while since I have had the time to devote to it. I love this combination of some regular articles to… Continue reading

30/365 Buried In Snow

One week ago today we got buried in 15″ of snow. And now the temps will be reaching the 50s this week. How messed up is this winter?

29/365 The City Skyline

   I could easily live in Boston with a balcony like that with a view of the city skyline!

28/365 Buoys!

Someone likes Buoys! This was taken on Mt. Desert Island Maine.

27/365 Garden Boots

Have you ever seen a cuter use of garden boots?

26/365 St. Martin We’ll Be Back

In the not too distant future Hubby and I will be partaking of this wonderful fare again. Fresh bread and pastries in the morning on Orient Beach on the French side of St.… Continue reading

25/365 Woods Hole

As you leave Wood’s Hole in Falmouth Harbor you pass this channel marker on your way to Martha’s Vineyard.

24/365 Counting the Days

The french side of St. Martin and we are counting the days until we return in a couple of months!

23/365 It’s Coming

The weather report has been all over the place during the past week. First we were going to be buried in snow and then we weren’t. Now they are saying we will have… Continue reading

22/365 A Frozen Drip



20/365 Simple Beauty

Finding beauty in the simple things.

19/365 Baking Technique

One of the first lessons you must teach when baking is the spoon has to be licked!

18/365 Treat!

They learn at a young age how to make food they don’t want ~ disappear!

Emma Turns Two

I guess I never published this post. This would have been July 27,2014.

17/365 An American Beauty

Beauty personified and at such a young age!

16/365 Nature

The beauty of nature.

15/365 The Grandkids Visit

What the house looks like at 6 am when the grandkids come to visit!

14/365 Only The Freshest

One thing that thoroughly impressed me about Paris were the little markets of every type. This particular shop sold fruits and vegetables. I have never seen such fresh choices as were in this… Continue reading

13/365 Joie De Vivre

One thing my hubby and I were struck with while we were in Paris is how the French know how to enjoy life. Thus the french saying “Joie de vivre.” These little cafes… Continue reading

12/365 A Storm Ravaged Coastline

A storm ravaged coastline. Tis the time of year for those blustery and dangerous Nor’Easters. They destroy the coastline with their fury.

11/365 A Raging Ocean

A Raging Ocean The power of the Atlantic ocean during a NorEaster is amazingly strong. It can tear down man made structures and cut away at coastlines.

10/365 Wychmere Harbor Cape Cod

Fishing fleet in Wychmere Harbor on Cape Cod.

9/365 Bourne Massachusetts

8/365 A Fresh Fallen Snow

Nothing more beautiful than a fresh fallen snow!

7/365 Labradors Love the Snow

Labs just love the snow!

6/365 Winter Has Arrived on Cape Cod

The snow finally arrived on Cape Cod!

5/365 My Grandson Bryce

Today I had to make it two images. Look how big my grandson Bryce is getting. So adorable!

4/365 A Winter Sky in Maine

A winter sky in Maine. Denmark ME

Christmas and the Magical Atmosphere it Creates

There is something about Christmas decorations and the magical atmosphere they create. The twinkling lights, the vibrancy and all the memories they evoke. I get so excited to put them out. Typically I… Continue reading

A Perfect Table Setting

I love a beautifully set table. Any opportunity there is for me to use my fine china, crystal and silver I jump on it. I think the extra effort adds to any celebration… Continue reading

Another Christmas Come and Gone

Another Christmas has come and gone. Months of hustle and bustle then it’s all over in the blink of an eye. This year we did things a little different and it was nice.… Continue reading

A Very Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope your holiday is filled with memorable time spent with loved ones. Just a glimpse of some of my favorite ornaments and our tree. Happy Holidays.… Continue reading

A Flower A Day ~ Lavender – Day Four

Lavender Flower Believe it or not it has been so mild here in New England some of Lavender is still blooming. So so strange.

A Flower a Day ~ Purple Clematis ~ Day Three

Purple Clematis An early sign of spring a Clematis in vibrant purple.

A Flower a Day ~ Weeping Cherry ~ Day Two

Weeping Cherry Who knew that a Weeping Cherry depending upon the time of year could give two different looks of the same flower. Weeping Cherry

A Flower a Day ~ Peony ~ Day One

White Peony Flower When I see my Peony flowers start to bloom in spring I get so excited. I don’t think there is a more beautiful flower. Unfortunately they just don’t last long enough.

Why Has It Taken Me So Long To Figure Out?

Why has it taken me so long to figure out? Christmas is not just about the day itself, it is about the entire holiday season!Beginning with Thanksgiving when we gather with loved ones… Continue reading

I Couldn’t Resist

Time with the grandkids is always the most important time for me. Nothing is so precious as the memories they create!

Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. I love spending time with my family. This year I had 24 family members. My motto is if you are cooking for more than five… Continue reading

Today I Turn 55!

Today is my 55th birthday, which we celebrated yesterday. It could not have been a more perfect day. I spent time with my hubby, son, daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren.Hubby made dinner and… Continue reading

What Were They Thinking

You have to wonder sometimes what is going through their minds!

My First Pumpkin Pie!

Fifty five years old and I just made my first pumpkin pie. It was always my mother’s thing and so we always let her make it. Now that Mom has passed I had… Continue reading

I Really Do Live in a Norman Rockwell Town

I am in my mid-fifties and have lived on Cape Cod for 26 years. It’s hard to believe when I think of it now, as it doesn’t seem that long. When I was… Continue reading

At Times they Can be Beautiful

On Cape Cod we have an overabundance of Oak trees. Generally the color of their leaves is a blah brown. However there is a short period of time when their orange color can… Continue reading

It’s Right Around the Corner

It’s right around the corner. Yes winter with all of its snow, ice and wind. Of course here in New England Nor’easters also barrage us. These storms pummel our coastline and are a… Continue reading

If Only Dressing Barbie Was The World’s Biggest Concern

Since last Friday the news has been full of story upon story of bombings, attempted bombings and death. Day after day it is some new horrible tragedy or attempt at one. I came… Continue reading

I’ve Lost My MoJo!

And this is how I have been feeling of late. I am in a slump and just can’t seem to pull myself out of it. I’ve lost my Mojo! My drive and ambition… Continue reading

A Very Busy Year

I don’t know about the rest of you but I have found 2015 to be an exceedingly busy year and contributed to my not being able to blog on a regular basis. It… Continue reading