63/365 Town Neck Beach

One of our favorite town beaches. Town Neck Beach on Cape Cod. Advertisements

62/365 Piggy Piggy

This little piggy went…

61/365 Windowboxes

Here is a clever combination of plants and flowers for a window box. I love original ideas!

60/365 Paris Parks

At lunchtime in Paris it is amazing the number of people sitting around in chairs in beautiful parks, just enjoying the weather.


  Pastel Aqua and pearls. Some of my favorite things. 

58/365 Just Kick Off Your Flip Flops

On a hot summer day just kick off your flip-flops and twirl in the grass on the waters edge.

57/365 Toys

A gathering of toys just waiting for the next child to come along.

56/365 Tulips

Tulips one of the first signs that spring is coming. And I am counting the days.

55/365 Sewing

Although I took sewing lessons as a teenager and learned it in Home Economics during school it is a hobby that I have never truly enjoyed. On occasion I drag out the sewing… Continue reading

54/365 It’s That Time of Year

One of my guilty pleasures at St. Patrick’s Day is Irish Soda Bread. I love it warm with melted butter.

53/365 Beynac-et-Cazenac

It doesn’t get more rustic than this. A little scene in front of a small shop in the beautiful town of Beynac-et-Cazenac in Southern France.

52/365 Southern France

While driving through Southern France we visited this incredible Medieval village, Beynac-et-Cazenac that was built on the edge of cliffs. The view from above was really remarkable. Just below the beautiful Dordogne River… Continue reading

51/365 Dreaming of Spring

With mild temperatures like we had today and are expected to have tomorrow it makes me anxious for spring to arrive. Then I can work on my gardens.  

50/365 On a Back Road in Maine

This beautiful farm is located on a backroad in Maine. I remember taking the photo but I don’t think I would ever be able to find this place again. I’m not exactly sure… Continue reading

49/365 The Beauty of French Architecture

There is a certain type of beauty in the old architecture in France and it is enhanced by the flowers that adorn it.

48/365 Chocorua New Hampshire

On Route 16 in New Hampshire, a little north of the intersection with Route 113 for Tamworth, you will pass one of the most picturesque little areas in New Hampshire. With the quintessential… Continue reading

47/365 Being Creative

Tapping into creativity!

46/365 Trinkets and Silver

Every woman’s bureau should be this pretty.

45/365 Valentine’s Day

Need I say more?

44/365 A Slice of Orange Anyone?

This time of year oranges are so, so sweet! I just can’t get enough of them.

43/365 My Backyard

Here is what my backyard looked like during the last snowstorm. The pool looks like a pond. It was picture perfect. And yes that is a greenhouse.

42/365 Fall Seems So Long Ago

Here we are the beginning of February and this photo I took last October in Maine seems so long ago!

41/365 Time for a Drink and Cigar

And this is how my Hubby relaxes.

40/365 Cape Cod Wonderland

Need I say more…  

39/365 Backgammon Anyone?

Available on Etsy A game Hubby and I love to play!

38/365 Tea and a Good Book

Nothing more relaxing than a good book, a spot of tea and cake. A perfect Sunday afternoon!

A Winter Wonderland

Just had to share some images from the recent snowstorm. And although it was a very wet, heavy snow that brought down a lot of tree branches, it was beautiful!

37/365 The Baking Bug

After the holidays were over you would have thought I had done enough baking. But that was for other people and for the holidays themselves. I was in the mood to just do… Continue reading

36/365 Breakfast

A perfect way to start a cold day, maple flavored oatmeal.

35/365 Another view of my Town

The historic center of my town of Sandwich on Cape Cod really is picture perfect. Her is a view of the Dunbar House seen across Shawme Pond. You can see the church spire of… Continue reading

34/365 Still Raw One Year Later

A collection of some of my Mother’s favorite things. One year ago today was truly the worst day of my life. My mother suffered a massive stroke and I found her in her… Continue reading

33/365 A Taste of Spring

With all these warm temperatures I am feeling like spring is right around the corner!

32/365 Learning to Read

Reading his first book.

31/365 A Look Back in Time

I’m back to working on some still life photos. It’s been quite a while since I have had the time to devote to it. I love this combination of some regular articles to… Continue reading

30/365 Buried In Snow

One week ago today we got buried in 15″ of snow. And now the temps will be reaching the 50s this week. How messed up is this winter?

29/365 The City Skyline

   I could easily live in Boston with a balcony like that with a view of the city skyline!

28/365 Buoys!

Someone likes Buoys! This was taken on Mt. Desert Island Maine.

27/365 Garden Boots

Have you ever seen a cuter use of garden boots?

26/365 St. Martin We’ll Be Back

In the not too distant future Hubby and I will be partaking of this wonderful fare again. Fresh bread and pastries in the morning on Orient Beach on the French side of St.… Continue reading

25/365 Woods Hole

As you leave Wood’s Hole in Falmouth Harbor you pass this channel marker on your way to Martha’s Vineyard.

24/365 Counting the Days

The french side of St. Martin and we are counting the days until we return in a couple of months!

23/365 It’s Coming

The weather report has been all over the place during the past week. First we were going to be buried in snow and then we weren’t. Now they are saying we will have… Continue reading

22/365 A Frozen Drip



20/365 Simple Beauty

Finding beauty in the simple things.

19/365 Baking Technique

One of the first lessons you must teach when baking is the spoon has to be licked!

18/365 Treat!

They learn at a young age how to make food they don’t want ~ disappear!

Emma Turns Two

I guess I never published this post. This would have been July 27,2014.

17/365 An American Beauty

Beauty personified and at such a young age!

16/365 Nature

The beauty of nature.