130/365 Hopefully It Will Be Here Soon

129/365 Fifteen Months and What Have I Learned

It’s been fifteen months since you passed away Mom and what have I learned? I know that I think of you many times a day. I know there are many reminders of you… Continue reading

128/365 Autumn Color in Spring

127/365 Back in Time

126/365 Fishing in the Fog

125/365 Just Hanging Around

124/365 Torn & Tattered But Still Standing Proud

123/365 Woof

122/365 Someone’s Not Happy

121/365 A Princess In the Making

120/365 Leaving the Cape Cod Canal at Sunset

119/365 A Quiet Moment on Old Orchard Beach Maine

118/365 Boardwalk, Old Orchard Beach, Maine

117/365 Sandwich Harbor, Cape Cod, MA

116/365 In Full Bloom

115/365 Sun on My Face, Breeze in My Ears

114/365 Emergence

113/365 Sweetness

Can you not see it written all over her face? Pure sweetness.

112/365 Innocence

I look at that face and all I see is innocence. But of course that is just a grandmother’s thinking!

111/365 Angelic

There are moments when the light is just perfect that I look at my granddaughter Morgan and all I can think of is “Angelic”!

110/365 Portland Maine

109/365 Flying


108/365 A Good Day of Fishing

107/365 Falmouth Harbor at Dusk

106/365 Mastering A Skill

105/365 Lilypads

104/365 Paris Crowd

103/365 Wychmere Harbor Harwichport Cape Cod

102/365 Cape Cod Playground

101/365 Back to Reality

What a week! We were in the sunny Caribbean on the island of St. Martin through Tuesday. It was warm and sunny in the mid 80s with balmy breezes. 10:30 PM Tuesday night… Continue reading

100/365 Calla Lily

99/365 Just Taking a Little Snooze

98/365 A View of White Cliffs in Plymouth

97/365 Fish Heads

96/365 A Lacecap Flower, B&W Photography

95/365 Something for Your Livingroom

94/365 Paris, France

93/365 Plymouth Harbor, Massachusetts

92/365 A Busy and Relaxed Week

It has been a busy and relaxing week all wrapped into one. It started last Sunday, Easter when we had dinner with family. Our nephew Ed and his fiancé Leanne hosted their first… Continue reading

91/365 Saint Emilion, France

90/365 A Winter Salt Marsh

89/365 Soon the Flowers Will Be Blooming


87/365 Homemade Cake and Frosting

Happy Easter!

86/365 A ring for each finger

85/365 Rustic Windowbox

84/365 Lavender Time

Streams of colour 
In constant motion 
showing shades of beauty hidden Powered by the wind 
As it caresses the river of scent 
Gently, softly, lovingly 
And moves through the rows 
Never stopping, always… Continue reading

83/365 Cape Cod

The low sandy beach and the thin scrub pine, The wide reach of bay and the long sky line,— O, I am sick for home! The salt, salt smell of the thick sea… Continue reading

82/365 Tea

So I say “My dear if you could give me a cup of tea to clear my muddle of a head I should better understand your affairs.” And we had the tea and… Continue reading