187/365 An Alternative Mode of Summer Travel

186/365 Lazy Days of Summer

185/365 Teaching Little Brother How To Hang From The Railing

184/365 Summertime And The Living Is Easy

183/365 Happy Little Fella

182/365 Sandwich Boardwalk, Cape Cod

181/365 Running With Determination

180/365 How do you ever decide?

179/365 Ferns

178/365 Drying Wine Bottles

177/365 Imagine Carrying Groceries Up Here Each Day?

176/365 You’d Think It Was Paris But…

It’s Portland Maine

175/365 Pools Aren’t Just for Humans

174/365 Sarlat-la-Caneda, France

173/365 One of My Mother’s Favorites, Purple Clematis

172/365 Pick of the Day

171/365 Mama’s Keeping A Close Eye


170/365 Ugly Tomatoes

169/365 Perfectly Perfect Peony

168/365 Just Hold My Hand

167/365 A Book and a Flower

166/365 Ornamental Grass

165/365 Wellfleet, Cape Cod

164/365 Town Neck Beach Fishing at Dusk

163/365 A Walk To The Beach

162/365 Fishing at Dusk, Cape Cod

161/365 Light Pink Weigela

159/365 Meditating at Dusk on a Cape Cod Beach

Print available for purchase Town Neck Beach, Sandwich on Cape Cod

157/365 Green Briar Nature Center Sandwich Cape Cod

156/365 Falmouth Heights Beach, Cape Cod

155/365 Swan Boats, Boston Public Gardens

154/365 Barn Storage

153/365 Sandy Neck Beach, Cape Cod

151/365 Cape Cod Gardens Will Soon Be Blooming

149/365 Catmint

One of my favorite flowers and it thrives on Cape Cod.

148/365 Garlic Chive

Print available here…

147/365 My Next Home

146/365 A Magical Spot for a Meal

145/365 Mass Audubon Marshfield MA

144/365 Total Cuteness

143/365 Saint Emilion France

141/365 French Evening Haze

Print available here…

138/365 Almost time for the local Fair to come to Town

137/365 More Family Favorites 

136/365 This Is How I Start My Mornings

  A leisurely cup of coffee, catching up on the day’s news and my faithful Pug at my side! 

135/365 Collectables

134/365 Ornamental Grass

Print available for purchase here…

133/365 Red Japanese Maple

132/365 Mother Nature Can Be Astounding

Last nights sunset on Cape Cod.

131/365 Retro Collector