150/365 Iris

149/365 Catmint

One of my favorite flowers and it thrives on Cape Cod.

148/365 Garlic Chive

Print available here…

147/365 My Next Home

146/365 A Magical Spot for a Meal

145/365 Mass Audubon Marshfield MA

144/365 Total Cuteness

143/365 Saint Emilion France

142/365 Dinghys

Print available here…

141/365 French Evening Haze

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140/365 Wood Nymph

139/365 Not Sure What It Is But I Like It

138/365 Almost time for the local Fair to come to Town

137/365 More Family Favorites 

136/365 This Is How I Start My Mornings

  A leisurely cup of coffee, catching up on the day’s news and my faithful Pug at my side! 

135/365 Collectables

134/365 Ornamental Grass

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133/365 Red Japanese Maple

132/365 Mother Nature Can Be Astounding

Last nights sunset on Cape Cod.

131/365 Retro Collector

130/365 Hopefully It Will Be Here Soon

129/365 Fifteen Months and What Have I Learned

It’s been fifteen months since you passed away Mom and what have I learned? I know that I think of you many times a day. I know there are many reminders of you… Continue reading

128/365 Autumn Color in Spring

127/365 Back in Time

126/365 Fishing in the Fog

125/365 Just Hanging Around

124/365 Torn & Tattered But Still Standing Proud

123/365 Woof

122/365 Someone’s Not Happy

121/365 A Princess In the Making

120/365 Leaving the Cape Cod Canal at Sunset

119/365 A Quiet Moment on Old Orchard Beach Maine

118/365 Boardwalk, Old Orchard Beach, Maine

117/365 Sandwich Harbor, Cape Cod, MA

116/365 In Full Bloom

115/365 Sun on My Face, Breeze in My Ears

114/365 Emergence

113/365 Sweetness

Can you not see it written all over her face? Pure sweetness.

112/365 Innocence

I look at that face and all I see is innocence. But of course that is just a grandmother’s thinking!

111/365 Angelic

There are moments when the light is just perfect that I look at my granddaughter Morgan and all I can think of is “Angelic”!

110/365 Portland Maine

109/365 Flying


108/365 A Good Day of Fishing

107/365 Falmouth Harbor at Dusk

106/365 Mastering A Skill

105/365 Lilypads

104/365 Paris Crowd

103/365 Wychmere Harbor Harwichport Cape Cod

102/365 Cape Cod Playground

101/365 Back to Reality

What a week! We were in the sunny Caribbean on the island of St. Martin through Tuesday. It was warm and sunny in the mid 80s with balmy breezes. 10:30 PM Tuesday night… Continue reading