Summer Storms

Large drops of heavy rain hit with a thud Lightening electrifies and paints the blacking sky Hail rips leaves from their home – a hard crack of thunder Clouds tumbling, rolling, forming into… Continue reading

Fresh Berries

It is the perfect time of year for a bowl of fresh strawberries and blueberries. I love to have them over homemade shortbread or if crunched for time grilled pound cake drizzled with… Continue reading

Sunrise over the Lake

Thousand Islands, New York

Vacation in Canada

Hubby and I had the most wonderful vacation visiting my brother and his wife on their Island which is on the Lake of Bays in Ontario, Canada. It was so relaxing to just… Continue reading

Happy 4th Birthday Morgan

Happy 4th Birthday Emma!

Perfect Spot to Relax

Especially at the end of a hot summer day with a nice cool drink.

Her Ethereal Beauty Astounds Me!

There is just something about Morgan and how she shows up on camera. Her beauty is so angelic, luminescent and ethereal. Her skin has a soft glow and her eyes even when smiling… Continue reading

Yellow Black Eyed Susan

Bees to Honey

Vibrant Red Hibiscus

The God Light

My cousin once told me that the beams of sunlight that come down from the heavens are called the “God Light”. There are certain times of day when they are more evident. One… Continue reading

The Many Shades of Green

Puggy The Prince

Enjoying his creature comforts in the heat of the day!

197/365 Ready for the Picking

196/365 Kayaking on Cape Cod

195/365 Dore River, France

194/365 Not Exactly Sure What He Is

But he’s cute!

193/365 Shawme Pond, Sandwich, MA

192/365 Gazing at Buttercups

191/365 Plymouth Harbor, Massachusetts

190/365 Diving Platform

189/365 Parked for the Night

188/365 Young Love

187/365 An Alternative Mode of Summer Travel

186/365 Lazy Days of Summer

185/365 Teaching Little Brother How To Hang From The Railing

184/365 Summertime And The Living Is Easy

183/365 Happy Little Fella

182/365 Sandwich Boardwalk, Cape Cod

181/365 Running With Determination

180/365 How do you ever decide?

179/365 Ferns

178/365 Drying Wine Bottles

177/365 Imagine Carrying Groceries Up Here Each Day?

176/365 You’d Think It Was Paris But…

It’s Portland Maine

175/365 Pools Aren’t Just for Humans

174/365 Sarlat-la-Caneda, France

173/365 One of My Mother’s Favorites, Purple Clematis

172/365 Pick of the Day

171/365 Mama’s Keeping A Close Eye


170/365 Ugly Tomatoes

169/365 Perfectly Perfect Peony

168/365 Just Hold My Hand

167/365 A Book and a Flower

166/365 Ornamental Grass

165/365 Wellfleet, Cape Cod

164/365 Town Neck Beach Fishing at Dusk

163/365 A Walk To The Beach