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Queen Anne’s Lace

This year a beautiful wildflower suddenly appeared in my garden. When I first saw it emerging from the ground my initial reaction was to pull it thinking it was an unwanted weed. Upon… Continue reading

A Field of Wildflowers

Where I vacationed in Maine there was a big open field beside the house and it was full of wildflowers. I thought they were absolutely beautiful and an early sign of fall. However… Continue reading

One Man’s Weed is Another Person’s Wildfower

As a gardener we are taught there are certain plants that are weeds and not worthy of the garden. These three images are macro shots of a dandelion. I myself find these pictures… Continue reading

Not Your Common Flower! Certainly not the traditional garden flowers these three different plants although not always found are in their own right beautiful. The above is a ground cover that in late spring gets covered… Continue reading