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Baseball Season is Here

There is something iconic about baseball and summer. They just go hand in hand. What is fantastic is the gathering together of young boys and girls to learn how to play. T-Ball their… Continue reading

Summer Everlasting

“The first week of August hangs at the very top of summer, the top of the live-long year, like the highest seat of a Ferris wheel when it pauses in its turning. The… Continue reading

186/365 Lazy Days of Summer

130/365 Hopefully It Will Be Here Soon

58/365 Just Kick Off Your Flip Flops

On a hot summer day just kick off your flip-flops and twirl in the grass on the waters edge.

With Hopes of Summer to Follow

Although all the flowers are not yet in bloom the little glimpses of what is to come is beautiful. My Weeping Cherry tree was in full bloom this past week. It seems to… Continue reading

Final Memories of Summer

The final days of summer! IF YOU LIKE THIS… THEN YOU’LL LOVE THIS…

The Last Moments of Summer


A Perfect Day on Cape Cod

When the breeze is blowing gently but consistently, the humidity is low, sun is slowly sinking in the sky and the Cicadas are buzzing there is not a more perfect day on Cape… Continue reading

An Ode to Summer!

I came across these images from this summer of redish pink geraniums I had planted in some pots. I had to post the images because I just love the contrast in the colors.… Continue reading

Mother Nature Winding Down for the Season

For me there is something very special about this time of year. On Cape Cod in late August the sun is at a place in the sky that all day long we get… Continue reading

How Do You Spend A Hot Summer Night

Last week I was driving home from work one evening past the pond at the bottom of our street. It was just before sunset and it was very hot and humid. This is… Continue reading

Monday Memories – 6/4/12

Looking Back at the past week… 1) I wish….. my vacation weren’t over! 2) I made….. one meal during my week’s vacation! That is a record! Generally my husband expects me to cook… Continue reading

Our Word View – Word of the Week = SUMMER

Sunday posting – A collaborative BLOG between two friends (me and my friend Barbara Pagnotti) who’s paths were separated for 20 years and have found one another once again online. Both share a… Continue reading

Experience an Outside Shower!

If you have never experienced an outside shower all I can tell you is it is as close to skinny-dipping, as you will ever get! It is the next best thing! There is… Continue reading

In The Picture – Self Portrait Project – Theme #5 Big World, Tiny You

On Friday’s I am participating in a project with my Blogger friend “Urban Muser” and other participants in which each month we post different self portraits. The project is called “In The Picture”.… Continue reading

Monday Memories – 3/12/12 Looking Back at the past week… 1) I wish I had….. spent more time outside. 2) I made….. a decision to give up sweets.  3) My dogs….. traveled the Cape with… Continue reading