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172/365 Pick of the Day

167/365 A Book and a Flower

80/365 Getting Lost in Books

I could never have dreamt that there were such goings-on in the world between the covers of books, such sandstorms and ice blasts of words,,, such staggering peace, such enormous laughter, such and… Continue reading

78/365 Dress Up

Pearls & boas, dressed to the nines, Lipstick on pursed lips, trying to stay in the lines. Big wobbly high heels, on tiny, precious feet, Little girls playing dress-up, aren’t they sweet! ~… Continue reading

73/365 Masquerade Ball Anyone

Sit down and sip some wine. Let’s get ready for the Masquerade Ball. Still Life Photography.  

47/365 Being Creative

Tapping into creativity!

46/365 Trinkets and Silver

Every woman’s bureau should be this pretty.

41/365 Time for a Drink and Cigar

And this is how my Hubby relaxes.

39/365 Backgammon Anyone?

Available on Etsy A game Hubby and I love to play!

38/365 Tea and a Good Book

Nothing more relaxing than a good book, a spot of tea and cake. A perfect Sunday afternoon!

31/365 A Look Back in Time

I’m back to working on some still life photos. It’s been quite a while since I have had the time to devote to it. I love this combination of some regular articles to… Continue reading

Which Do You Prefer?

I’m working on my still life images again. I would love to know which one of these images you prefer. My favorite is the first. I’m not positive why. I think because it… Continue reading

A Mix of Old and New for a Perfect Result

The story behind this still life image is you can mix old and new for a perfect result. My mother, my Aunt Stelle (Mom’s sister) and my Grammy Chaulk were all amazing bakers… Continue reading

Hidden Talent

I am still doing my still life photography class but things have been so crazy over the past couple months that I don’t always have the time to compose the shot and take… Continue reading

Be Still 52 – Week 8

Today I processed my still life selection with a variety of presets. Some are brighter, while others are subdued. Some have lots of contrast while others are soft. All were photographed in front… Continue reading

Contrasts in shadow and color

I was setting up for an elaborate still life photograph and was assembling my props. Once I put the fruit on the black and white plates my heart stopped. I was done. I absolutely loved the… Continue reading

Be Still – Week 4

Week four of my Still Life course and I have been having so much fun. Mixing backgrounds and trying to come up with interesting pairings that are appealing to look at. It makes… Continue reading

Study in Food Still Life

I’m still enjoying this new to me venue of photography. I love how still life makes me stretch my imagination to come up with different combinations of items to photograph. In this instance… Continue reading

Another Fabricated Still Life

So far I like this still life the best. I had a great time setting up this shot. I had to squat on a chair and shoot at an angle. I didn’t care… Continue reading

Be Still 52 – Week 3

I am participating in a new course offered by Kim Klassen “Be Still – 52” . It ‘s purpose is to teach us to slow down, breathe and be still before you point… Continue reading

They May Be Dead But They’re Beautiful

In the wintertime I am not always motivated to go out in the cold and photograph landscapes. I try to find the extraordinary in the beauty of the ordinary. Today I perused the… Continue reading