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Blessed with Another Memorable Christmas!

Emma, my granddaughter. My daughter Allison and son-in-law Chris’ daughter. I almost don’t want to say this because I’m afraid I will jinx myself but I feel so blessed to have had another… Continue reading

Brother & Sister ~ Bob & Allison

A Time I Am Proud to Witness

There is something to be said as you watch your son grow from a little boy, into a young man, and then become a father. It pulls at my heartstrings as I watch… Continue reading

A Time to Celebrate

My son the younger of my two children turned 26 this week. To celebrate my daughter, granddaughter, mother, and mother-in-law took Bob out for dinner. Talk about a rose amongst a group of… Continue reading

Our Word View – Word of the Week = SUMMER

Sunday posting – A collaborative BLOG between two friends (me and my friend Barbara Pagnotti) who’s paths were separated for 20 years and have found one another once again online. Both share a… Continue reading

Monday Memories – 5/14/12 – Mother’s Day

Momma to be cooking Mother’s Day Breakfast 1) I wish….. I had one more day off this weekend because I was very busy both days. AlI good things but I had no down… Continue reading