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Learning to Write

If Only Dressing Barbie Was The World’s Biggest Concern

Since last Friday the news has been full of story upon story of bombings, attempted bombings and death. Day after day it is some new horrible tragedy or attempt at one. I came… Continue reading

I Could Not Love Them More

These two beauties are my granddaughters. Morgan on the left and Emma on the right. They are cousins born one week apart. They couldn’t love each other more. And I couldn’t love them… Continue reading

Emma and Bryce

Every now and then I have to throw a couple updated photos of the grandkids in there. Emma and Bryce.

What Goes Through Their Minds?

Don’t you wonder sometimes what goes through their little heads? Morgan got a hold of an old fishing buoy out by our pool. She was playing with it in the water. Not to… Continue reading

Morgan and the Chuck-It

My granddaughter Morgan came over for a visit the other day. And while playing in the backyard she found our dog’s “Chuck-It’. For those of you who don’t know what a “Chuck-It” is,… Continue reading

Emma’s First Easter Egg Hunt

We spent Easter at my mother-in-law’s house. My sister-in-law, brother-in-law, nephew, and his fiancé bought all kinds of little trinkets and treasures to fill plastic hide and seek eggs. Emma, our granddaughter was… Continue reading

It’s Been A While

Can you believe I haven’t posted any photos of my grandchildren since around the holidays? I can’t! But there’s been so much going on I kind of put my photo taking on the… Continue reading


There are times when traditions are very important to me especially when it involves family. One tradition my daughter and I have had for years is our annual Christmas Cookie Bake. We get… Continue reading

Summer with the Girls

I love summertime. Beyond the obvious reasons of beautiful weather it gives hubby and I more time to spend with family, in particular our granddaughters. As a parent you are so distracted with… Continue reading

Here I go again… proud Nana!

My granddaughter Morgan! Too beautiful for words!

Just Passing Time

Here let me show how!

A Time to Celebrate

My son the younger of my two children turned 26 this week. To celebrate my daughter, granddaughter, mother, and mother-in-law took Bob out for dinner. Talk about a rose amongst a group of… Continue reading

NANA!!! :) YAHOO!!!

Last night… couldn’t even tell you the time my daughter Allison and son-in-law Chris welcomed their daughter Emma Elizabeth into the world. My first grandchild. I can not begin to tell you how… Continue reading