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I Could Not Love Them More

These two beauties are my granddaughters. Morgan on the left and Emma on the right. They are cousins born one week apart. They couldn’t love each other more. And I couldn’t love them… Continue reading

What Goes Through Their Minds?

Don’t you wonder sometimes what goes through their little heads? Morgan got a hold of an old fishing buoy out by our pool. She was playing with it in the water. Not to… Continue reading

I Wonder What Goes Through Their Minds

Don’t you sometimes wonder what is going through little kids heads? Well in this instance I can tell you exactly what was happening. My granddaughter Morgan was over for a visit. While in… Continue reading


I thank god everyday because I am blessed with two beautiful granddaughters! Each in their own right is so pretty. They’re gorgeous and yet they look nothing alike. Morgan is like a little… Continue reading

I’ve Restrained Myself

I’ve been good. I’ve restrained myself from posting too many pictures of my granddaughters since Xmas. Well at least I think I have. But I can only go just so long before I… Continue reading