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Mom Let Me In It’s Cold Out Here!


Dog, Snow and Ball = Happiness

    My dog loves nothing more than the snow and chasing a ball. You can see in these photos his absolute joy and happiness.  

One Spoiled Dog

You cannot come into our home and not expect to be covered in yellow dog fur by the time you leave. Our dog Brady is so spoiled that there are times I think… Continue reading

I Want Your Ball!


Boys will be Boys

This weekend we had a blizzard in the Northeast. On Cape Cod we got well over a foot of snow. In our house Hubby and I have a whole house generator and fireplace with… Continue reading

Does Your Dog Watch TV?

Well mine does and he attacks it!

Babies & Dogs

Hubby and I had our granddaughter Emma and our granddog Harry overnight. Harry is a wonderfully sweet chocolate lab. I had to share with you how much Harry loves his little baby Emma.… Continue reading

It’s a Dogs Life – Harry, Brady, Virgil

Harry & Brady “Always best buds” Holding paws! On Sunday when we spent the day at my daughter and son-in-law’s house our two dogs Brady our yellow lab and Virgil our pug got… Continue reading

Happy Early Easter

As I’ve said before there is no more docile dog in the world than our yellow lab Brady! No matter what little get-up I put on him he just lays there, gives me… Continue reading