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Boston Harbor

When you visit Boston there is the most wonderful “Harbor Front Walk”. It meanders its way along all the wharfs in Boston from the North End right on down the line. On a… Continue reading

The Hour of Soft Light on Wareham Massachusetts

There are two times of the day that are my most favorite for taking pictures. The first is soon after the sun starts to rise and about an hour before it sets. This… Continue reading

Another beautiful harbor, Onset Massachusetts

One thing I absolutely love about living on Cape Cod is there is no shortage of beautiful Harbors in the surrounding area. Each one is different and unique but all are magnificent in… Continue reading

Plymouth Harbor, Massachusetts

I am partial to Plymouth Harbor in Massachusetts. I worked in Plymouth for well over a decade right by the harbor. I think this particular Harbor is one of the prettiest I have… Continue reading

Boston Harbor Rotating Bridge

One day this summer while in Boston hubby and I were walking the waterfront. At one point there was a group of boats on an inlet that wanted to go into the harbor… Continue reading

Perspective 8/9/12 Perspective. Ever since I have started seriously photographing things I’ve found I have a new perspective every place I go. When I walk around I look at everything as if I have… Continue reading

Themeless Thursday – Spots in and Around Boston It’s amazing that I have lived in Massachusetts for 35 years and there are so many parts of the City of Boston I have never seen. Fortunately when my brother Tom comes… Continue reading

Plymouth Massachusetts Worth the Visit

For close to 15 years I worked near the waterfront in Plymouth Massachusetts. If you have never been to Plymouth to see the “Mayflower” or “Plymouth Rock” I must tell you that it… Continue reading