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Why Oh Why Do I Love Cape Cod

I never take for granted the fact that no matter where I go I can just about find ocean within ten to fifteen minutes. I feel so blessed that I can pop in… Continue reading

My Love for an Off-Season Beach

I have lived on Cape Cod for over 24 years now and you may find this funny but I never go to the beach in the summer. Well let’s just say I avoid… Continue reading

The Perfect Time of Year

I love this time of year on Cape Cod. It is hard to describe but it happens every year. There is a specific sound that always develops in August. I wait to hear… Continue reading

Fishing in the Fog at Sunrise

One past time that is very popular in Massachusetts is fishing the Cape Cod Canal. At all hours of the day you will find fishermen dotting the Banks of the shore. Some drive,… Continue reading

My Mansion Isn’t Big Enough

As you are taking the ferry over to Martha’s Vineyard towards Vineyard Haven you pass all these mansions dotting the shore. Just when you think one can’t get bigger than the next… it… Continue reading

Marsh Grass

Truly I don’t know what it is about Marsh Grass but I love to photograph it. Perhaps it’s the contrast between the hard cane stalks or the soft fronds. I like the beige… Continue reading