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Another View of the Paris Skyline from Montparnasse Tower

The Montparnasse Tower affords incredible views of the Paris skyline. If you visit the city you must make a point of going to the top of the tower and seeing the amazing vistas.

Cruising the River Seine in Paris by Bateaux

Cruising down the River Seine in Paris you see many bateaux. This is a common view as you watch the activity on the water. And truthfully they are so very pretty. It only… Continue reading

Views in and around Paris

I really can’t impress enough what a magnificent city Paris is. This is a view of the Seine River. And this is the smart way to get around the city.

Boston Public Garden, Massachusetts

The Boston Public Garden really are a magical place especially on a beautiful sunny day. It is the perfect place for just slowly wandering, seeing gorgeous flower, swan boats filled with people and… Continue reading

Faneuil Hall Marketplace North and South Markets

    In downtown Boston is a wonderful marketplace to visit. It’s called Faneuil Hall Marketplace. There is a series of four buildings. Faneuil Hall in the middle is full of every type… Continue reading

Boston Harbor

When you visit Boston there is the most wonderful “Harbor Front Walk”. It meanders its way along all the wharfs in Boston from the North End right on down the line. On a… Continue reading

Boston Swan Boats

“Boston Public Gardens” If you visit Boston a must see is the “Boston Public Gardens”. Not to be confused with “Boston Commons” which is just across one main road. And in the garden… Continue reading

Boston Proud

Running Away in Boston

Good Old Boston

This past summer my mother “Dot” and I went up to “Boston”Boston one day for lunch. We were on “Newbury Street” down towards Massachusetts Avenue. This particular area is near to a lot of… Continue reading

Wrought Iron and Old Buildings

I have a thing for old buildings and wrought iron. I’m not sure why but when I see a beautiful old Brownstone combined with ornate wrought iron my head is just filled with… Continue reading

Boston at Night. Oh what a sight! On occasion hubby and I will pop up to Boston from Cape Cod to walk around or to attend an event of some sort. This past summer we went up to the… Continue reading

For Sale~Boston 16×20 Photo Collage

16×20 PHOTO COLLAGE of 16 different spots in and around the  City of Boston. 1/2 inch border surrounds the collage for framing and matting purposes. It can be purchased here;×20-16-various?ref=v1_other_1

In and Around Boston at Night!

7/5/12 In and Around Boston On Tuesday my husband, my brother, my sister-in-law, my daughter and I all went into Boston for the day.  We went up to see the tall ships, aircraft carrier… Continue reading