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A Cold Day Puts Me In The Mood To Bake

Saturday the bitter cold weather returned and I felt like staying home. Who wants to venture out when it’s twenty degrees out? Not me. I don’t know what it is about the cold… Continue reading

37/365 The Baking Bug

After the holidays were over you would have thought I had done enough baking. But that was for other people and for the holidays themselves. I was in the mood to just do… Continue reading

A Mix of Old and New for a Perfect Result

The story behind this still life image is you can mix old and new for a perfect result. My mother, my Aunt Stelle (Mom’s sister) and my Grammy Chaulk were all amazing bakers… Continue reading


There are times when traditions are very important to me especially when it involves family. One tradition my daughter and I have had for years is our annual Christmas Cookie Bake. We get… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesdays 5/2/12

Voila home made Brownies This is an old family recipe! (Can’t you tell it uses Crisco instead of butter!)Ingredients:3/4 – 1 C Cocoa1 1/2 C Shortening (Crisco)2 1/4C Flour1 1/2 tsps Baking Powder1… Continue reading

Tantalizing Tuesday 5/1/12

Raspberry Almond Coffee Cake I have a fondness for Almond. Anytime I see something with “Almond” in the title and I will immediately jump at the opportunity to purchase it! This coffee cake… Continue reading