Boston The Walking City – Part Three

Beacon Hill, Boston MA

In Boston on a hill that runs behind the State House is a beautiful prime residential area called Beacon Hill. It stretches from the Boston Commons and up over the hill behind the State House down to the Charles River. The streets are lined with beautiful old brick brown stone buildings. Smattered here and there are some large almost mansions. The houses are mostly touching one another and many have three or more stories. One thing you will notice are all the different window boxes that change with the seasons. They all look as though they are put together with a professional hand. They are absolutely lovely. Wrought iron fences and high gates seem to lock in the landscapes and small court yards from prying eyes. My sister Mary and I participated in the early summer garden tour of the hidden gardens of Beacon Hill. It is amazing what private oasis’ can be created in such a small space. This is a must-see area if you ever visit the city of Boston.