Boston the Walking City – Part Two

Boston Public Garden

During the second day of our visit to Boston I took Joanne to see the Boston Public Gardens. The gardens are a park located smack dab in the middle of the city across the street from Boston Commons. Centered in the park is a pond which is home to the iconic Swan Boats. Filled with people you can watch them glide quietly over the water. It’s always such a lovely scene.

The Gardens are a perfect place for residents of the city or people on their lunch break to seek respite from the heat and just relax outside surrounded by the beauty of nature. At any time during the good weather, you can see people picnicking or resting on the grass.

One section of the park is an area of gardens which are filled with the most unique combination of flowers and plants. The displays change each year. 

I hope if you visit the city you have an opportunity to spend some time in the park as we did and see the beauty of it all. 

Boston skyline across the pond.