Quechee Vermont Balloon Festival

Quechee VT Balloon Festival

A number of years ago Hubby and I took a trip to Quechee Vermont for the balloon festival. Typically, this is held each year on Father’s Day weekend. I had never seen an actual hot air balloon prior to our trip other than in pictures. Actually, the balloons were more magnificent than any photo I had seen. The sheer size of them was much larger than I imagined.

When we first arrived at the festival, they were just beginning to inflate the balloons. It is not a quick process. Imagine the amount of air that has to be pumped into the balloons. All of them were at varying stages of being filled. A couple were already air born. It really was quite a site.

As with most local festivals there were food vendors and local crafters. And of course, you could pay to take a ride in a balloon. I myself was not so keen about that as I have a fear of heights. I was happy to watch them from the ground.

Once a group of them were inflated and rising it was quite a pretty sight. They slowly and quietly just float up into the sky and drift away with the wind. It was kind of romantic to watch. This is an event I hope to get back to see again and one I recommend attending if you are in Vermont in June.