To My Husband With Love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

This past year has been life changing, isolating, and scary for everyone. It has been a time for all of us to reflect as to what and who is most important in our lives. For me that is my husband, children, grandchildren, extended family, friends and pets. All of whom I care for and love very much. Because of Covid my husband and I haven’t been able to spend much if any time with our extended family and most of our friends who are important to us. As these people are dear to us, we have chosen to forego time together in the interest of everyone’s health.

I work from home and on a regular basis the one person I have seen is my husband. I am thankful every day for his presence, support and love. I have never grown tired or bothered by his company. After almost 31 years I still enjoy his company above all others. His sense of humor lifts my spirits every day and I look forward to seeing him when he gets home from work. I hear about the happenings around him and he keeps me informed of the world at large.  

Over the years while he and I would acknowledge Valentine’s Day and anniversaries we didn’t go out of our way to really celebrate. Yes, we get each other cards and small gifts but normally nothing more. This past year has made me realize how important it is for us to take the time to show each other how important we are to one another. I don’t mean in gifts but in special time spent together. Unfortunately, while now is still not the best time to be traveling or going out for meals I have decided that once Covid is tamed we need to make the extra effort to get away alone together and make these dates significant in our lives. Even if it is a dinner out and a night away somewhere close. A change of routine and scenery to celebrate just one another is well worth the time and effort.

In private my husband always shows and tells me how much he loves me. But he is not a fan of people who in a public platform share and profess their love. I on the other hand am a romantic at heart and so enjoy seeing other people who are not afraid to tell and share their stories of love. I especially appreciate when someone is not afraid to be vulnerable and speak their heart. 

And because if nothing else this year has taught me that we need to let the people we love know just how much! And so, to my husband Michael on this Valentine’s Day, I am thankful every day for when you came into mine and our children’s lives. You took on the task to help raise two small children, although not yours biologically, into strong, independent individuals. You participated and supported them fully in every aspect of their lives. They both love and adore you. Our grandchildren so enjoy your playfulness and the fun you bring into their lives whenever we spend time with them.

For me I love you in so many, many ways. Our endless hours of talking even after all these years are my most precious times spent with you still. It seems we never have a shortage of words. Your sense of humor and quickness of wit is matched by no other. I am amazed by the speed of it! You are brilliant and smart and I am in awe of all the things you know and the wealth of information you retain on every subject. Your mastery of skill in most everything is astonishing to me. I find you can fix most anything or come up with a solution otherwise. I appreciate that you always take care of me when I need to rely on your support. I find your adventurous side and craziness exciting. And when I look at you no one can make my heart stop the way you do. I find you more handsome today than on the day we met!

I have loved you for so many years, still do and always will. Happy Valentine’s Day!