Where I May See Beauty Others Cringe

Freshly fallen snow in Rangeley Maine.

I realize that while I may love, love, love the snow and cold others may cringe. As a child I grew up in Canada where in the winter we would be buried in snow. You knew how to dress appropriately and had all the heavy duty winter gear. We skated, cross-country skied, snowshoed, snowmobiled and went sledding. It was a perfect winter wonderland and a great place to grow up. Living on Cape Cod I so miss those large amounts of snow. We rarely get big snowstorms and when we do the snow doesn’t seem to last. But one can always head further north in New England and find plenty of snow. We love to visit Rangeley Maine about five and a half hours north of Cape Cod. It always provides a beautiful winter wonderland.

They may be from St. Martin but Mellie and Coco love the snow too!
A perfect setting and tons of room for the dogs to run free.

I notice up north the air is so dry that even on the most bitter of days it doesn’t feel as cold as a raw day on Cape Cod. The cold on Cape Cod is just biting and not enjoyable even without snow on the ground.

A beautiful walk through the woods with fresh fallen snow!

Wild life is abundant in the Rangeley area and at dusk all the deer venture out of the woods looking to find food. There are times you can see dozens in a group. Always watchful for each other. The slightest noise can scare the whole pack away.

A young buck peruses the surrounding area.
But plenty of friends are nearby to keep a watchful eye!

Typically we head to Rangeley in January. It provides a respite after the craziness of the holidays, a break from work and the day to day monotony at home. I love the peace and solitude it affords us. Oh how these photos make me long for Maine!

Sunrise over Rangeley Lake.

The sunrise over the mountains and Rangeley Lake is breathtaking. The vistas never disappoint even during a fierce snow storm.

The sun is almost fully above the hills beyond.
Pristine snow. Not a foot print to be found.

Next year we are planning on taking an extended vacation in Rangeley. Several days is restorative but a week or longer in the quiet and solitude would be a complete dream! I’m already looking forward to our return.