A Week in Provincetown Massachusetts

Photo Sep 30, 12 37 48 PMMy husband and I just spent a week vacationing in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Although “PTown” as its called for short, is on the end tip of Cape Cod, it still takes us an hour and a half to drive there.Photo Sep 29, 12 18 58 PMThe town itself from May through October is so exciting and full of energy. Commercial Street, which runs along the ocean is the hub for most of the shops and restaurants. The whole area is jammed with people during those months. On a good weather day you can barely move in the streets.Photo Sep 29, 12 03 30 PMBeautiful homes dot the side streets. Large and many restored to perfection make for a perfect walk on a sunny day. Photo Sep 29, 12 11 35 PM

Photo Sep 29, 12 11 10 PM

Photo Sep 29, 12 10 20 PM

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Photo Sep 29, 1 40 35 PMOn one particular side street near the center of downtown there is the most spectacular walled yard. The creator spared no extravagance when building it. The yard itself is full of original sculptures of art of a massive size that are intriguing.Photo Sep 30, 1 14 16 PM

Photo Sep 30, 1 14 40 PM

Photo Sep 30, 1 14 25 PM

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Photo Sep 30, 1 14 07 PMWe stayed a short walk up the hill from Commercial Street. Each day we would venture down the hill and explore new shops and try the many different restaurants. One day we jumped on our motorcycle and took a ride along the coast. The beaches were desolate as it was early October but it was still incredibly scenic.All in all it was a stimulating week and we thoroughly loved our time there.

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