Rangeley Lake in Maine

Some of you may know that on Christmas Eve I fell and broke my left shoulder. For the past 7 1/2 weeks (so far) I have been trapped in my house in pain and discomfort. While I have been thankful to have the time to heal you start to feel like a prisoner in your own home as I have not been able to drive. So when the opportunity arose to escape to Maine with my Hubby, brother and sister-in-law I jumped at the chance (not literally). Although they all would be snowmobiling and I would again be inside I was just thrilled for the change of scenery. The house we rented is right on Rangeley Lake and the location just perfect. Each evening just before dusk our yard is filled with deer. They come so close it is astounding. They are pretty fat so it is obvious someone has been feeding them. Yesterday we had 15 at one time. I have been thrilled because the picture opportunity has been great. This morning the sunrise over the lake was just outstanding. The color of the sky against the black landscape only helped to accentuate it further. A couple more days of respite here and then we will have to leave. I am not looking forward to returning to our house on Cape Cod although I know it is inevitable!