Cape Cod Police K-9 Relief Fund Annual Motorcycle Ride

This weekend, Hubby and I with a group of friends participated in the annual Cape Cod Police K-9 Relief Fund Motorcycle Ride which began in Dennis MA and ended in Provincetown MA. What a great ride. With police escorts the entire way it was a relaxed and beautifully scenic ride. All day there was the threat of rain. The sky at times was pretty ominous but we lucked out and it seems the rain fell all around us but never on us! Unfortunately because of the threat of bad weather the ride didn’t get the huge turnout that they normally would. However there were plenty of diehard riders and supporters of the cause who did partake!

Provincetown, Massachusetts.

The ride goes down along Route 6 on Cape Cod and then once in the PTown area it winds out along the National Shoreline. Finally the ride brings you right through the center of Provincetown and finally out onto the pier. Waiting there is food for all the riders who participated.

After filling our stomachs we all decided to walk along the Pier and into Town. Although it was a cloudy September day and a little cool the streets were full of people. We stopped at one establishment for refreshments, bought some fudge, hit the local farmers market and then headed back to the bikes. We rode home again with the threat of storm clouds all around us but never feeling one drop of rain. All in all it was a perfect day. We were able to celebrate a great cause and spend the day with friends. What more could you ask for?