We Will Get There Some Day!

There are times and places in my life that when I look back upon remind me of how fortunate I am. My husband and I are not wealthy. We both work full time jobs. But when our children got older we were finally able to start traveling beyond New England to places we had always wanted to go.

One of those places for me was France and in particular Paris. At first when I would tell our friends we were going to go my husband would shake his head and say no. It was only a pipe dream. When the time came and the airfare was paid, the places to stay reserved, he realized just how serious I was. Unlike me my husband had no desire to go to France. I knew I would love everything about France and the people. But again my Hubby was not so sure. By the time our trip was over my husband was already saying how he would love to go back and in particular spend more time in Paris.

Fortunately I was able to recall enough French from my elementary and High School days to get us through every situation. Communication was never a problem. Everyone we met was so accommodating.

What a gorgeous city! The outside cafes, the markets, the shops! Oh how I loved them all! It is hard for me to believe that it has been three years since we made that trip! I look back on my photos and it brings it all back. Oh how I wish I were there right now!

Our next “wish list” destinations will be Key West Florida (I have wanted to go for years), Portugal or a Mediterranean Cruise. Key West may have to wait now after the damage it sustained in Hurricane Irma. But we will get there some day! And as with France I am sure I will document any and all of the trips with a 1,000 pictures!