Le Petit Musee Du Chocolat

There are less than a handful of things that are near and dear to most women’s hearts, flowers, and diamonds and of course chocolate. I might put chocolate first on my list, as I love my sweets. While in Paris near Montmartre, we came upon “Le Petite Musee du Chocolate” or “Small Museum of Chocolate”. Be still my heart there was no way I was just walking by this store. It was sensory overload! I have never seen so many delectable chocolates, candies, pastries and cookies. The sculptures made of chocolate were amazing. The interior of the store itself took me back in time as it was like stepping into the early 1900s. Hubby and I bought a little of this and a little of that. It was so hard to make a decision. But we both left happy with bags full of goodies. I can say this woman truly had a very happy heart when we were all done!