From The Back of the Bike #1

Hubby and I have been married for 27 years and all during that time he has wanted a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Every time he would mention it I would have one reason or another why we should not get one. Most of my reasons had to do with the danger of them. Not the motorcycle driver per se but mostly other drivers who weren’t paying attention.

Over the winter we were thinking of buying a boat. We went to the boat show and somewhat narrowed down the type of boat we were looking for. In the meantime we took a trip to St. Marteen with friends and as chance would have it they have a Harley, which they love. They along with some of our other friends have been after us to buy one for years. Always I said no. While in St. Marteen our friends worked on me and finally when we came home I acquiesced and said “yes”. Well Hubby was not waiting for me to say it a second time. The search began for the perfect bike. As one of our friends said it was like the “Hunt for Red October”. But we finally found one and the color is magnificent.

Rootbeer brown with some burnt orange highlights and orange fleck that really stands out in the sun. Truthfully I’m not sure who likes the bike better, my husband or me. Why oh why did I make us wait so long! I love, love, love going for rides. The wind blowing against your face, while the sun warms you! What a fantastic feeling. Although one night coming home from our granddaughter’s Tball game the temps did drop into the 50s. That was invigorating.

I have come to the conclusion, if you live your life afraid of how you might die, then are you really living? And the answer is “no”! While Hubby and I are both always alert while on the bike, we are not afraid. We are just loving the moment. And I must say we have met some great people over the past couple of months.

As an added bonus, while I sit on the back of the bike, hugging hubby with my legs I snap photos as we go along. Here are some of the photos I have taken from the back of the bike!