Enthralling Spring


What is it about spring that so many of us find enthralling? Is it the promise of things yet to come? The warmth of summer and sun filled days. Or is it just that the dreary, cold of winter has finally come to an end? I guess it’s a mix of all that and more. I know I look at the budding trees and flowers with such excitement each spring you would think it was the first time I had ever witnessed it. But truth be told they’re the same year after year. And yet I look at them with such awe and excitement. Each day I walk my flowerbeds to see how much they’ve grown and what new may have popped through. I like to see the flowers that have reseeded themselves and are popping up in new places. Believe it or not I find that exciting. Okay so I guess it doesn’t take much to excite me but any gardener I’m sure can appreciate what I’m saying. And so with that, each one of these photos represents the wonders of spring that I find so enthralling.